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4 Steps Hacking Jcow Social Networking Web Server via Arbitrary Code Execution

4 Steps Hacking Jcow Social Networking Web Server via Arbitrary Code Execution - we should care about the technology that continues to grow, because all the technology is usually created to simplify our lives, every time there is a new technology that is embedded into the gadgets of various brands, on blogs Gadget Ferrari we will review the latest and old gadgets that start from the spec and the price ... well now we will discuss first about 4 Steps Hacking Jcow Social Networking Web Server via Arbitrary Code Execution please refer to the information we will convey as we always try to display complete information.

Articles : 4 Steps Hacking Jcow Social Networking Web Server via Arbitrary Code Execution
full Link : 4 Steps Hacking Jcow Social Networking Web Server via Arbitrary Code Execution
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4 Steps Hacking Jcow Social Networking Web Server via Arbitrary Code Execution

After very long times I didn't write about hacking webserver, today "again" when surfing around I've found that Jcow Social networking engine can be exploited and the exploit ranking marked as "excellent".
So actually, what happen when you have this Jcow vulnerable version??The simple thing is the attacker can go through your web server directory and doing everything there. For example, if you hosting your Jcowvulnerable version(on insecure hosting also icon_smile ) you can own your web server directory.
In this example, let's say I have a Jcow vulnerable web server in IP address Actually, it's better to try installing your own web server, but if you want to find out Jcow in the wild you can search through Google dork "intext: Powered by Jcow 4.2.0" and register as the normal user there. In this tutorial I have already registered as username: victim and password also victim icon_smile
Okay, I hope you understand what I say above icon_razz to make it more realistic, let's try the tutorial…

4 Steps Hacking Jcow Social Networking Web Server via Arbitrary Code Execution
4 Steps Hacking Jcow Social Networking Web Server via Arbitrary Code Execution

Level: Medium

Victim Server: work fine if victim uses Windows XP SP3
Victim vulnerable application: JCow 4.2
Attacker O.S: obviously you need Backtrack 5 R1

Requirement :

Here only you need bellow two item.
Which is your actual need.

1#. Metasploit framework

2.# Jcow.rb exploit

Now lets start this article.

Steps Hacking Jcow Social Networking Web Server via ArbitraryCode Execution Process:

1.#, first of all, you simply  Copy the 

downloaded cow.rb exploit from the 

download link above and copy it into /pentest/exploits/framework/modules/exploits/remote/ folder(for example see the command below).
cp jcow.rb /pentest/exploits/framework/modules/exploits/remote/
now you see the text "framework" in blue color it's only because I'm using 

Backtrack 5 R1 and using Metasploit 

v4.0.1, so the name depended on 

your Metasploit version, maybe on your 

the computer can be "framework3" or 

"framework2" so don't have


2.# now when you copy successfully 

after that, simply  Open your Metasploit 

console and then use the exploit you just added before see bellow 

msf > use exploit/remote/jcow

3.# now when you complete step 2, The 

next step we need to view the available 

switch for this exploit by running the show 

options command, and then configured it(see the text with red color).
msf  exploit(jcow) > set rhost --> set the target IP
rhost =>
msf exploit(jcow) > set username victim --> set the username
username => victim
msf exploit(jcow) > set password victim --> set the password
password => victim
msf exploit(jcow) > set uri jcow --> only if jcow not in/directory fill it here
uri => jcow

Set URI can be used if cow was not 

installed on web server main directory

for example

4#. now your work has been almost  

done , After everything was set up 

successfully, the next thing to do was 

exploiting or running the exploit by using

  exploit command.

so many information about 4 Steps Hacking Jcow Social Networking Web Server via Arbitrary Code Execution

hopefully the infromation we provide with the title 4 Steps Hacking Jcow Social Networking Web Server via Arbitrary Code Execution can give you the reperency to find the gadget that suits your life.

you just read the article with the title 4 Steps Hacking Jcow Social Networking Web Server via Arbitrary Code Execution if you intend to bookmark or share it for more useful for others please use link and if you want to get more information please visit other page.

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